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The CSIC Delegation in Galicia is made up of four units – Communication, Scientific Culture, R&D&I, and Administration and Services – all of which provide support for the seven CSIC ICUs (Institutes, Centres or Units) in Galicia, in the sphere of communication, outreach, research project management and technology transfer, and administrative support.

Communication Unit

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Law 14/2011 establishes the Public Administration’s duty to promote communication and outreach in the fields of science, technology, and innovation by the members of the Spanish R&D&I system, thus acknowledging the importance that these activities should have in the development of any research activity.

In this regard, for more than a decade, there has been a Communication Unit in the organisational chart of the CSIC Institutional Delegation in Galicia. The Unit’s main task is to make society aware of the work carried out at the Delegation and at the seven CSIC Institutes, Centres and Units in Galicia, by means of the media, websites, and institutional profiles on social networks; the ultimate objective is to raise awareness and highlight the organisation’s activity.

The Unit deals with requests from the media looking for CSIC experts in Galicia who can explain current affairs and news related to R&D&I and there are agreements in place to promote collaboration with media groups in Galicia, in a variety of ways, in order to increase the visibility of CSIC personnel in the region.

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Scientific Culture Unit

Promoting scientific culture and making science more readily available to everybody is one of the CSIC’s commitments. This endeavour is headed by the Scientific Culture Deputy Vice-Presidency, that coordinates the CSIC’s nationwide Network of Scientific Culture Units (SCU), which includes the SCU of the CSIC Delegation in Galicia.

The Unit’s main objective is to actively contribute to the scientific literacy of society, by drawing attention to the research carried out at the CSIC centres in Galicia and by making it more accessible.

Some of the Unit’s functions include:

  • Designing, coordinating, and carrying out innovative activities with attractive formats, dealing not only with experimental but also human science.
  • Bringing science closer to the teaching community by means of accurate, adapted, and engaging content. Contributing to teacher training. Developing didactic resources in different formats and making them available to the teaching community and to society in general.
  • • Supporting initiatives and events at a regional, national, and international level that promote scientific understanding and critical thinking. Highlighting the role of women in science by means of specifically designed campaigns and in every event developed by the SCU.
  • Engaging and supporting all CSIC personnel in Galicia, who carry out activities in the sphere of scientific culture, as well as all the activities developed by the Scientific Culture Deputy Vice-Presidency via the CSIC Network of Scientific Culture Units.
  • Establishing permanent collaboration agreements regarding scientific culture with other entities inside and outside the R&D&I System.
  • Using the Unit’s social networks as a means of direct communication with society. Taking part in conferences and professional meetings to highlight our activities and to share our ideas with other SCUs.

Since its creation in 2008, the SCU of the CSIC has collaborated in a variety of different activities with public and private entities, belonging to the world of science, culture, education, etc.

These efforts have strengthened not only their position as a social communication agent for science in the autonomous region of Galicia, but also their proven membership of the Network of Scientific Culture and Innovation Units of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

R&D&I Unit – Transfer

The R&D&I Unit of the CSIC Delegation in Galicia lends support for the presentation of project proposals and research contracts in competitive calls and coordinates with the Delegations of Castile Leon and Asturias to give support and monitor the projects that form part of the Interreg Poctep and Atlántico Programmes developed by the CSIC.

Furthermore, the Unit has reinforced its cooperation strategy with the CSIC’s Deputy Vice-Presidency for Knowledge Transfer (VATC), by providing consultancy services to the ICUs in Galicia in the scope of protection and exploitation of research results, the signing of confidentiality agreements and material transfer agreements, R&D contracts, technological support, licences, monitoring issued licences, etc.

Administration and Services Unit

The mission of the Administration and Services Unit is the financial, administrative, and personnel management of the CSIC Delegation in Galicia. To this end, their work is carried out in the areas of administrative organisation, financial affairs, human resources, IT, archive, library, information, and general services.

The Unit’s objective is to collaborate with all the other units in order to respond, effectively and efficiently, to their needs by providing support in any of the processes that are necessary to fulfil their objectives.