I+D+i - Transfer

Direct benefit for the entire society


“Transferring the results of scientific and technological research to public and private institutions” is the second function of the CSIC, making innovation and knowledge transfer a priority for the institution as a whole and the CSIC Delegation in Galicia in particular.

Knowledge transfer is crucial for bringing research results closer to the business and industrial sectors and establishing public-private collaborations. This is the necessary step for translating these research findings into a direct benefit for society as a whole. It is, therefore, about valorizing R&D and promoting a knowledge-based economy.

At the CSIC Delegation in Galicia, we provide support to the ICUs (Institutes and Research Units) in our community to facilitate this knowledge transfer through the following actions:

Protection of research results

We offer guidance on selecting the most appropriate form of protection based on the research result to be protected. Research conducted in Galicia’s ICUs spans diverse fields, from agricultural sciences and marine sciences to food science and humanities. This diversity requires us to adapt to the specific characteristics of each research result, using different protection formats such as patents, trade secrets, plant variety registration, biological materials, among others.

Public-private collaboration/contract research

We provide advice and legal review of contracts established with private entities, such as companies or foundations interested in conducting research projects or technological support work at Galicia’s ICUs.

Commercialization: We promote research results that have been previously protected and are suitable for transfer to the market. This includes negotiating the terms of licensing agreements for exploitation.

Monitoring: We ensure that the conditions stipulated in contracts and exploitation licenses with companies are met over time.

Promotion: We encourage participation in collaborative projects with companies, in innovative public procurement processes, in both national and international public tenders, and in the protection of research results.

Training: We provide courses and seminars on knowledge transfer to researchers.